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Hackney is becoming a great place to live for young people

There is no denying the fact that Hackney has had many bad reports over the years, in fact it was deemed one of the worst places to live for young people not so long back. However, lately, this has all changed. There has been a ‘love hackney’ campaign for some time now and since then there has been many noticeable improvements to the area and the community.

Hackney is known for its communal love in sport, specifically football. A few months back there was the news about new youth centres being built dedicated to sport, music and all things IT. With these positive opportunities mounting up, and if things carry on this way then Hackney will have no trouble clearing their previous reputations and encourage those growing up in the area to become sophisticated, intelligent adults.

Hackney & Sport

Sports facilities in Hackney have always been an essential focal point when it comes to improving the area. This way young people are given the chance to stay fit, join a club, learn, perfect new skills and ultimately have great fun. Not only is this a great way for any young person to spend their time, but it’s also a great way of keeping them on the right path and giving them something to focus on.

One example of an event which took place only in February this year was the ‘Street Games’. This was funded by Sanctuary Housing and allowed young people to take part in multiple different sports activities. This is just one example of the community making things more enhanced for the young people living in Hackney.

Opportunities for young people

Some examples of the opportunities that have arose for the youth of Hackney is; the talent show, Hackney-Ireland youth exchange, multiple types of funding for many different projects and many more. All of this coming together means that the activities for young people to do in Hackney just keep mounting up.

The talent show this year saw 250 unsigned singers, dance groups, and rappers show what they’ve got by giving them a chance to prove themselves in front of an audience. This was run by young people from The Crib youth club.

The Hackney-Ireland youth exchange gave young people the chance to see how others lived to understand how living with the legacy of sectarian conflict is for people in Ireland. What backs all of these things up is the funding given generously by so many. Funding helps massively to give a better lifestyle to young people. The knock on effect should mean that Hackney’s reputation rapidly improves.

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