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Body Image

How you feel about your body is called body image. Body image has to do with how you think about your size and shape. How you think about your body relates to how you think about yourself as a whole, so having a negative body image can often link to having low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and feeling bad about yourself.

Want a body you like?

Most of us have some bits of our body that we don’t like.

If you spend too much time in front of the mirror then you usually think that something is:

  • Too big
  • Too small 
  • Too fat 
  • Too skinny 
  • Too straight 
  • Too curly 
  • Too dark 
  • Too light

It is easy to get a bit hung up about how we look because it is the first thing that other people notice about us. It can be the thing which attracts us to someone else.

No one is perfect, and who decides what is perfect?

Your body is unique to you and wouldn’t it be dull if we all looked the same?

It helps to accept the things that you cannot change, like your height or skin colour, and do something positive about the things you might want to change.

Being comfortable with your body doesn’t mean you have to love everything about yourself, but you can find a way of accepting it. If you can do this, other people will too. This will help you be more confident.

Worrying about your body can take up a lot of time. Just imagine what else you could be thinking about or doing if you saved that time.

Positive Changes

We are born with a certain look but we also get to choose a lot that can make a difference to the way we look and feel.

The food we eat and exercise we do can make a real difference to how we function. Thinking about food and exercise is important for everyone, not just if you are worried that you are too fat or too skinny.

Why is food important?

Without food, our bodies cannot function. Food gives us the nutrients that the cells in our body need to work well. So it makes sense that what we put into our body will affect all our cells: cells in our skin, our heart, our brains, etc.

This means food affects how our skin looks, how well our heart works, how we feel and really how our whole body functions. So, if you want your body to function well, it is good to know what types of food it needs. Check out healthy eating.

It can be hard to remember what you should be eating and how much of it. You might also just want to eat what you find tasty, which is fair enough. But if you are interested, check out some tasty recipes which are good for your body too.

If you feel sluggish or tired or don’t have enough energy, you might find changing what you eat helps. Come in and talk to us.

Why is exercise important?

Like food, exercise affects all of your body. Check out the good things it does.

Exercise can:

  • Make you feel good. Exercise releases hormones called endorphins which make you feel happy. If you are feeling low, exercise can give you a buzz. 
  • Make you sleep better
  • Give you a sense of achievement.
  • Tone your muscles
  • Help you age better by keeping your bones strong and is good for your heart and lungs
  • Help you get to the right weight for you.
  • If you want to get a healthy body, check out our Top Ten Health Tips.

If you need help with getting healthy, finding the right exercise for you or getting the right diet for you, come in and see us. For advice on healthy living and exercise check out the Change for Life website.



Related Questions

  • Age: 16
    Gender: Female


    I really want bigger boobs, is there a way I can put weight on just my boobs?


    Thank you for your question.

    As you are aware women all develop differently so there is no perfect size.  As you are 16 years old there is still a chance that your breasts may still be growing and could change shape or size.  If you are planning on increasing your weight, there is no guarantee that your breasts will also increase in size.  If you would like to discuss how to increase your weight in a healthy manner then please drop in to one of our clinics and we can refer you on to our dietician or you could go and see your own GP for advice or support.

  • Age: 16
    Gender: Female


    I have bunions, what do I do?


    Thank you for your question

    Firstly I would advise you to attend your GP service so that they can refer you to a foot specialist. However in the meantime wearing soft comfortable shoes should help you with any discomfort you may be experiencing.

  • Age: 19
    Gender: Female


    How would you know if you have an eating disorder?


    Food and eating play a very important part in our lives. However, some eating patterns can be damaging. Problems with food can begin when it is used to cope with those times when you are bored, anxious, angry, lonely, ashamed or sad. Food becomes a problem when it is used to help you to cope with painful situations or feelings, or to relieve stress perhaps without you even realising it. If this is how you deal with emotions and feelings and you are unhappy about it, then you should try to talk to someone you trust for example, a parent, teacher or doctor.