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A lot of people are bullied at some point. Bullying is the constant, deliberate attempt to hurt or humiliate someone. There are different types of bullying that can all hurt, whether it is your body or your feelings which are hurt.


  • When you are beaten up, kicked, punched or have your valuables taken for no reason.

Psychological (in your mind):

  • When people make you feel bad about yourself. They might do this by saying nasty things to you, spreading rumours about you or calling you names.
  • They can exclude you from social activities and make you feel as though you are not wanted.
  • People can text you or use the Internet to threaten you. Bullies can use anything to make you feel bad, whether it is; the colour of your skin, your sexuality, your religion or your appearance.

Sometimes it can make you feel very alone and scared. Sometimes, it can go on for ages and make you feel fearful about going to school or college.  The really important thing is to remember that no-one deserves to be bullied. It is not your fault.