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  • Smoking shisha for 1 hour can be equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes
  • Even though shisha has fruit flavours, smoking it is just as harmful as smoking cigarettes. The water does not filter out the chemicals.
  • Shisha usually contains tobacco and so has the same cancer-causing chemicals, tar, carbon monoxide and heavy metals (like arsenic) that cigarettes have; so shisha can cause the same cancers, heart disease and lung disease as cigarettes, as well as damage your skin, eyes, gums and teeth.
  • When using non-tobacco shisha you are still exposed to dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide, and to the toxins in the coal/charcoal used to burn the shisha
  • Smoking shisha can also spread infections like oral Herpes, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis through their dirty water pipes and sharing mouthpieces
  • Only some of the nicotine in shisha is absorbed by the water, so shisha can still be addictive

More information and myth busting: http://itsstilltobacco.org/