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What Is In A Cigarette

Cigarettes contain lots of different chemicals. Check out what is in a cigarette and look at what else it is used for.

See if you can guess them all:

What is in a cigarette?

  1. Ammonia - Used in cleaning products, hair dyes and bleach.
  2. Butane - The gas used in lighters and gas fires.
  3. Methane - Often comes from cows and generally found in sewer gas.
  4. Radon and Polonium - Radon is a radioactive gas, Polonium is known better as fallout from nuclear bombs.
  5. Hydrogen cyanide - The poison used in gas chambers.
  6. Tar - This is what they use for road surfaces.
  7. Cadmium - Used in rechargeable batteries.
  8. Formaldehyde - Used for embalming dead bodies.
  9. Methanol - Otherwise known as rocket fuel.
  10. Acetone - Used in paint thinner and nail varnish remover.
  11. Benzene - The gas in Petrol fumes.
  12. Stearic Acid - An ingredient in candle wax.
  13. Copper - Yes the metal! Found in all the wires and cables in your house.
  14. DDT - An insecticide that was banned in 1972 due to cancer fears.
  15. Carbon monoxide - The gas that comes out of car exhausts.
  16. Bonus points as it's not on the picture - Nicotine.

More facts about cigarettes:

Nicotine is the drug in cigarettes that gets you hooked . Tar is the chemical that gets into your lungs. The carbon monoxide reduces how much oxygen you carry to your body.