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Feeling The Pressure

Everyone feels pressured at some point. It might be to look a certain way, start having sex, take drugs, drink more, stay out late. Even when you get older, the pressure doesn't stop but it does usually become easier to deal with.

You need to know what you want

You have to make a conscious decision to do or not to do drugs. It is very important to have all the right information about what drugs can do to you before you take any. Check out Talk to Frank for information. Try and work out in your head how far you want to go, what you are prepared to do and what your limits are?

If you have not thought about it beforehand, it is easy to go with the flow and not make a fuss. You will probably regret this later!

Talk it out

It will help to talk it out with your friends or maybe an adult you trust. This will help you get all the facts and feel prepared to make the right decision for you.

Be firm

If people think you are not sure, they may try and persuade you to change your mind. Be confident when you voice your opinion and make your choice. People will respect you for it in their heads even if they don't show you.

Remember, it’s OK to say no!

Who is putting the pressure on?

If the pressure doesn't stop, think about why. Are these really your friends? Is this person really right for you? Do they know what they are talking about?

Do you feel like you have options?

If people put pressure on you, you can sometimes think that what they want you to do is the only option for you. This is just not true, part of what makes life happy is being able to make up your own mind.

When you feel as though you have no choice, your freedom is restricted and it can make you down. If you give in to pressure rather than making your own choice, are you losing your freedom? Yes you are! Make up your own mind based on the information you have found out.