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Need Help?

If drugs are a problem for you, we are here to help.

Drop in and see us.

You can get help any day by dropping into our clinic or ring FRANK free on 0800 77 66 00 at any time. www.talktofrank.com.

There will always be someone to talk to confidentially. Knowing that you have a problem is the first step to getting help, so well done!

If you have decided to quit, becoming drug free is much easier with help. Not doing it alone means you stay more motivated so come in and see us.

Check out a few top tips for quitting substances you are hooked on.

Tips for quitting

It is not easy to quit something you are dependent on and you have to be 100% sure you are ready to quit otherwise it might not work! However, with professional advice and support, you are more likely to succeed. Here are some things you can do to try and make sure you are successful:

Get some support

Can you tell your friends that you are trying to quit? Will they support your decision?

Do all your friends take drugs, drink or smoke? It might not be a good idea to be around people who are still hooked on what you are trying to give up because you may be tempted to go back to it. You might need to think about whom you want as your friends or how you are going to get them not to tempt you.

Ask your friends and family to be supportive

If you have friends and family that you trust, let them be there for you to talk to when times get rough. They will help you out and you might find their support really helpful.

Being face to face with the enemy

Initially, it might be easier if you don't put yourself in a situation where you are tempted and have to say no. So think about an evening at the cinema rather than a night clubbing. Try and do things that you do not associate with drink, drugs or cigarettes.

What happens if the enemy finds you?

Think about what you will do if you get offered stuff. Plan it in advance in your head and it will be easier to deal with when it happens. Don’t think that you can do it just once because that is how you got hooked in the first place.

What happens if you slip up and have a drink, do some drugs or have a puff of a cigarette?

It is not the end of all your hard work, it is just a little set back. The most important thing is not to give up trying to quit. DO come in and see us, we might be able to help out.

Tips for cutting down on alcohol

  • Work out how much you want to drink before you go out
  • Don't feel the pressure
  • Drink non-alcoholic drinks like water in between your alcoholic drinks
  • Drink more slowly
  • Eat food beforehand

Worried about someone else’s addiction?

It can be difficult to approach a friend who you think has got a problem, but letting them know you are there in case they need to talk, is always a good idea. They might not take you up on it straight away but will probably remember when they are ready.

You cannot force someone to face the situation, but letting them know that you miss hanging out with them or asking them to do stuff which you both enjoyed before there was a problem, might help them.

Worried about someone in your family?

Dealing with someone in your family having an addiction can be really difficult as it can affect you too. Remember, none of it is your fault. You have no reason to feel guilty or responsible.
We might be able to help out by talking through the situation confidentially so drop in to see us.