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What Is A Drug?

Drugs are chemicals or substances that affect the mind or body in some way and can change the way they work. Some drugs are legal, like medicines you might be asked to take by the doctor, and some are illegal, like heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana.

Sometimes there is a lot of debate about which drugs should be legal and which should not be legal. For example cigarettes and alcohol are legal but they are still both drugs and can damage your health.

It is also possible to get hooked on legal drugs if you take too many. It is important that you remember that all drugs can be dangerous, whether they are legal or illegal and you must always follow your doctor or pharmacist’s instructions.

Although substances can feel good at first, they can ultimately do a lot of harm to the body and brain. Drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, taking illegal drugs, and sniffing glue can all cause serious damage to the human body. Some drugs severely impair a person's ability to make healthy choices and decisions. Teens who drink, for example, are more likely to get involved in dangerous situations, such as driving under the influence or having unprotected sex.

Why are drugs used?

We hear all the time that drugs are bad and harmful to your body, so why do some people use them? As well as the bad effects that drugs can have on the body, there are affects that people say they enjoy.

This zone is not here to tell you what to do, we just want to make sure you have the correct information before you make any decisions that could affect your life. You might already take drugs, you might be thinking about taking them or you might never want to take them – it is always important to remember that all drugs are dangerous.

It is good to know all the facts about drugs, the good and the bad, before you make up your mind. If you have opinions that we have not mentioned, why don't you write in and let us know.

Why do some people take drugs?

Just as there are many kinds of drugs available, there are as many reasons why some people try them. People take drugs just for the pleasure they believe they can bring. Often it's because someone tried to convince them that drugs would make them feel good or that they'd have a better time if they took them. However, this isn’t always the case. Drugs react differently with different people and you can never be sure how you will feel on them.

People say they take drugs because they:

  • Are curious
  • Enjoy the buzz
  • Want to fit in
  • Want to escape reality
  • Are bored
  • Are under pressure

Reasons not to take drugs

Many teens use drugs because they're depressed or think drugs will help them escape their problems. The truth is, drugs don't solve problems — they simply hide feelings and problems. When a drug wears off, the feelings and problems remain, or become worse. Drugs can ruin every aspect of a person's life.

People say they don’t take drugs because they:

  • Can be harmful and even kill you
  • Want to fit in without being told what to do
  • Know that reality always comes back when the drugs have worn off
  • Can fight the pressure
  • Can be addictive
  • Could be hurting someone else
  • Know how to enjoy themselves without taking drugs

Information on different drugs

The first thing to know is each drug is very different and your body will not react in the same way to all drugs.

The best place to get all the information about what drugs do to your body, whether they are legal, whether they get you hooked and what the risks are is www.talktofrank.com. This site has a dictionary of all the drugs. Use it and find out more facts and if you don't find what you are looking for, write in and ask.